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Located on the outskirts of Paris, Yummy Games is not content to be a simple video game development studio. It represents the culmination of a friendship established since childhood between its four founders, each contributing with their expertise and vision


The Yummy Games journey began in the world of hypercasual games, where each day brought its share of exciting challenges. We quickly understood that innovation and entertainment were the essential pillars for success. Our mission was clear: to create captivating hypercasual games for the general public.
Developing new games every day has allowed us to cultivate our creativity and refine our understanding of what makes a game truly fun. For us, the very essence of a game lies in the pleasure it brings to its players. Each new game mechanic was an opportunity to explore new horizons and offer unique experiences, thus shaping our vision and the foundations of our studio.

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We then felt the desire to explore new horizons. Our ambition led us to realize a childhood dream: create our first console game. Thus Project Tower was born, an embodiment of our experience and our determination to offer a fun and innovative game. This game represents a new chapter in the history of Yummy Games.

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In parallel with the development of Project Tower, we have expanded our activities towards outsourcing, putting our expertise in 3D animation at the service of other projects.

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Our studio is much more than a workplace. It’s a true home where creativity thrives, ideas come to life and dreams come true. Guided by our commitment to excellence and our desire to share our passion with the world, we strive to create games that unite players and transport them to extraordinary worlds.


Caliari Jordan

Caliari Jordan

Senior Developper, Level Designer, Game Designer

Botosezzy Marc

Botosezzy Marc

Sound Designer, Animator 3D

Caliari Jonathan

Caliari Jonathan

Game Designer, Animator 3D

Basanta Florian

Basanta Florian

2D Designer, Animator 3D


Feel free to email us for all kinds of requests: whether it’s questions about our games, collaboration proposals, press requests, or just to say hello. We are here for you

10 Avenue de l’entreprise
95000 Cergy