Project Tower is a 3rd person shooter set in a science fiction world.
You play as a prisonner trapped in a tower. The only way to regain your freedom is by reaching its summit.
For that, unlock new weapons, new abilities and fight those who locked you here .

Go up from floor to floor. Hone your skills to reach the top. Get the taste of freedom back. Whatever the cost, climb.

Discern every secret of this universe. Find out why you are here and what your role is in this mysterious tower.

Be smarter than them. Metamorphose yourself to better surprise your enemies. Use this unique mechanic to get out of all sorts of situations.

In this shooter, take part in visceral combat that will engage all of your senses. Adapt your playstyle with new weapons. Move efficiently with an instinctive parkour system to gain the advantage over your enemies.

Are you ready to take up this challenge ?

Character Project Tower


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